Hijab Scarf


I came crossing HijabScarf blog and fall in love right away with it.

WHY: It brings so much inspiration to me about my hijabi girls who mix hijab and their sense of fashion. Although not all can be taken as example – remembering we all are obligated to wear hijab syar’i – still I found a proud to my hijabi sisters that they can be fashionable while wearing hijab.

SELF REMINDER: Islam teaches us to be modest and humble. Therefore we don’t need to buy branded stuff just to look fashionable. Be creative is important. Second, even though we are desiring fashion, don’t go over it. Islam also rules about the proper hijab. So we must follow what can not to wear and what must to be covered.

BTW: Hijab Scarf just had their first gathering event at once break fasting on last Ramadhan. Imagine, more than 50 girls attended the gathering in one of mall restaurants in Jakarta and they all wore hijab. That’s kind of rare, I think. And each girl came up with different outfit, showing a variety of choice in wearing hijab. Nonetheless it is always good to see how the girls can be very creative in wearing their ‘hijab’. Yet they all look beautiful. Subhanallah.

Click here for more photos of the event.

Photo courtesy: HijabScarf.



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  1. That was a nice post. I think you would enjoy reading my article on the hijab


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